•     Underwater and surface maintenance and repairs
  •     Installation of permanent anchorage equipment
  •     Underwater and surface inspections
  •     Wreck removal and salvage operations
  •     Replacement of propellers and rudders
  •     Underwater cutting and welding
  •     Underwater digital photography
  •     Underwater explosions
  •     Pump-out water
  •     Inspections and repairs on bridges and dams
  •     Underwater constructions
  •     Underwater tightening and patching works
  •     Wave breaker’s repairs
  •     Underwater cementing and tightening/fixing
  •     Installation, detection and inspection of underwater cabling and piping
  •     Underwater hull (bottom and verticals) cleaning by means of hydraulic brush
  •     Underwater hull (bottom and verticals) cleaning by means of brush cart
  •     Propeller polishing by diamond abrasive tool
  •     Underwater hull repairs on vessels/structures
  •     Underwater repairs of reefs ships
  •     Underwater repairs instruments, suction and thrusters
  •     Underwater repairs on equipment, sea suctions (sea chests) and thrusters
  •     Underwater (and surface) estimations of damage on behalf of insurance parties
  •     Inspections and work operations in deep seas
  •     Inspections of industrial tanks
  •     Fitting and replacement of anodes
  •     Underwater video recorded inspection by colored digital video equipment


  •     Our diving team is highly experienced in underwater welding as well as in cutting operations by use of gas cutting equipment, cut-off grinders and hydraulic cutting tools,    both for surface and underwater operations


  •     Video recorded inspection and issuance of salvage inspection reports


  •     Hydraulic tools
  •     Compressed air tools
  •     Tools for cutting and welding
  •     Air compressors
  •     Lift bags
  •     Equipment for underwater photo and video recording  (High Definition)
  •     CCTV inspection video equipment
  •     Water pumps
  •     Generators

In case that the operation necessitates the use of additional equipment we shall be committed in finding and arranging for the appropriate equipment as well as for the overall successful completion of the project.

We also maintain close co-operation with floating crane companies for use in specialized projects, when necessary.